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Araluen Mountainside

Words and music by Ben Scott © 2014

We climbed from the rolling plain on a cutting beside a stream
Right up to the mountain top such a long way down
Tom took all the bullocks off but four put the rest behind
I put two horses behind the cart then down we began to ride

They say its a lovely road if you have anything but a bullock team
But so very narrow for a dray the corners as sharp as your knee
For up as high as you can see on one side is the mountain above
And as far below as you can see are the creepers climbing on the tops of the trees

Hold her steady my love with your heart in your mouth
Take a breath and down we'll ride
Hold her steady my love 7 tonnes on the move
Down the Araluen mountainside

The road was so very steep we had to wet down the brake watch the smoke and fizz
Walking down slow we spied Araluen town a distant dot in the trees
From our beds last night I could hear the men and the mining machines
While in my sleep I turned as I still steered that road in my dreams


Up again early we went through the whole length of the town
And in to the trees we went going down, ever down
To the smell of the forest the trees out in bloom all across the fern covered hillside
How lovely this journey would be if we didn't have this wagon to drive

Came to a sharp turn in the road and over she went right over
If not for a tree she would have gone down with the bullocks to the bed of the river
Pulled the offside polar to the edge of the road down onto his knees
Nothing left but to rescue him and find our broken things strewn among the trees 

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