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Words and Music by Ben Scott (c) 2012

This dress is getting tight, but I’m not getting bigger
I’m growing more little but this dress is getting little too
The sky is getting dark and the mountains are swimming
There’s icecream in the sky and the clouds are grinning

On muddy roads we run crossing streams of running water
As we’re woven in a story by our little son and daughter
I need to wash my hands again cause I did touch the muck
I toucheded the muck I did, I did touch the muck
I need to wash my hands again cause I did touch the muck
So turn the tap on now!

And I will wear my foxgloves and go up on the mountain
And smile a foxy smile at the big scarey monster
As the dark is getting darker, the hills are getting hungry
There’s a little icecream left and the clouds are tummies rumbling


I couldn’t smile at the monster, cause there’s none up on that mountain
I’ll take my foxgloves home and be a fox again tomorrow
And the dark is really dark now and I am getting sleepy
The icecream’s all gone and I need someone to carry me


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