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Charles Kenny

Words and Music by Ben Scott (c) 2014

Verse 1
Across the vastness of the southern oceans
I reach out a hand for you to find
So you shoulders my arms might encircle
And your fingers and mine they could entwine
By these words are such connections made
Between a convict and his loving bride
Verse 2
I was digging a trench up in Hawkesbury
With a gang of my fellows in the January sun
We were heading out from camp when he called me
He gave me a letter then bade me be gone
I was thinking about it all day, not knowing
Who wrote it or what it might say
And another woman wrote it
Though the words were all yours
Then another man read it out loud to me
And that same man wrote this
Though the words are all mine
And I’m sending it back to you ‘cross the sea
I can see that your life is not easy
With young Catherine to feed are you making you way
Its many’s the day I’ve regretted my past
To leave you in such a precarious state
And so many tears I have shed
That I am here toiling for nothing instead
Verse 4
But if you would come sailing to find me
On a 10 pound ticket, our life in your hands
Do you know you could take me your convict assigned
You faithful auld felon we could take up some land
And I’ll go seeking trouble no more, my word
Keep this letter that you might be sure
And another man wrote it
Though the words were all mine
And I hope you will hear it being read out to you
And although I can’t read it
I want you to know
That your letter goes with me whatever I do

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