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Your Letter Just To Hand (2014)

Ben Scott and the Flash Coves – Your Letter Just To Hand

YourLettersmllCan be purchased digitally from BandcampiTunes, Google Play or streamed on spotify.  To purchase a hard copy, contact Ben on




“Ben Scott’s latest CD is a listening delight. The eleven songs in this collection are all written by Ben. Also included is a traditional jig. The CD begins with two companion songs about a family’s travel experiences in colonial Australia ( A Bullocky’s Girl, Araluen Mountainside). These songs include intriguing detail to gain our interest in these travellers’ story. The travel theme continues with A Skerrick of Green and Two Weeks Off, One Week Home, story songs that share real dilemmas. The latter song is a perceptive take on the situation faced by the ‘fly in, fly out’ worker. But For The Grace is a cleverly written narrative song about the tragic wreck of the Dunbar. The song about Charles Kenny again shows Ben can recognise an interesting tale and skilfully share it in song.

Ben’s ability to create beautifully appropriate and thoughtfully structured tunes is evident throughout. The Wild Unknown is a fine, sensitively written song reminding us that recent history sharply rebukes our country’s current, uncaringly cruel, refugee policy. The poignant His Worn Blue Coat is another example of a very memorable song, both lyrically and melodically. Foxgloves is a delightfully fitting conclusion to this special collection of songs.

Ben has a clear, engaging vocal style and is also a very proficient multi-instrumentalist. He is supported by a very capable bunch of musicians who obviously enjoyed being part of this project. The production qualities will not disappoint the fastidious of ears either.”   Jim Low, January 2015

“Really enjoying the album – the feel and vibe is great, and the songwriting shines!”  – Kate Burke, September 2014

“Very effective arrangements and terrific songs. I am impressed with the fact you have been drawing on historical documents – a great initiative.. But for the Grace is a great example… Congrats on a fine collection.”  – Warren Fahey, December 2014



Lyrics Pages

All songs (c) Ben Scott 2014

1. A Bullocky’s Girl
2. Araluen Mountainside
3. A Skerrick Of Green
4. Two Weeks On, One Week Home
5. But For The Grace
6. Charles Kenny
7. The Death Of Bennelong
8. The Boar’s Head
9. The Atholl Highlanders
10. His Worn Blue Coat
11. The Wild Unknown
12. Foxgloves

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