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Without You I Cannot Live

© 2004 Words and music by Ben Scott.  Some lyrics adapted from journals by Lt.Ralph Clarke
Sunday 27th January 1788 I kist your dear pictour as usual
And the tents they look pretty scattered all among the trees, I hope to be on shore tomorrow
Got up early, put all the convicts onshore, hope in God to have naught to do with them no more
I would not stay, if it was the best place under heaven, for without you I cannot live
What a terrible night it was last of thunder and of rain and I went in but my shirt to slacking of the poles 
I dreamed of you my sweet woman, and that I were in bed with you and I dreamed that I was very angry with you 
And that I wished to run my oldest friend through, for breach of friendship over you
In the course of my life I’ve not slept worse my dear wife, for without you I cannot live
I was very much a frightened by the lightening as it broke and I return my God thanks that you were not here 
For I would have gone mad for fear the lightening might have hurted our dear boy or you Alicia my dear
I would not stay more than three years for all the world, I wish that I could get home now my girl
No I would not stay if it was the best place under heaven, for without you I cannot live. 
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