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© 2005 Words and music by Ben Scott
On a white mans shooting party they were woken by a sound
and to native men they gave chase blundering over the dark ground
Then Pemulwy turned, stood tall and lodged a spear into the side
Of the hateful, murderous gamekeeper, the man called McIntyre
The settlers with fearful hearts this riotous savage sought
Who had plundered the farms of Rose Hill and the gamekeepers life bought
But Pemulwy soon found them, he spoke with rage, showed no fear
Said “If any white man dares step forward he shall feel my new made spear”
A brave but foolish man stepped forward and one single spear was thrown
A pointed timber message stick to the new world from the old
Flew its course, lodging at their feet, and quivered with power and warning
The white men fired, Pemulwy fell, seven buckshot in his body
He was shot full in the head yet from captivity he ran
And for ten more years resisted the expansion of the white man
The great warrior he took their lives and he took their new-reaped grain
Until John Caesar with his gun took the life…. of Pemulwy
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