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Words and Music by Ben Scott © 2005

Oh my name is Lieutenant William Dawes, from England's shores I come
And I dwell in the colony of New South Wales, where we live by the lash and the gun

Thunder roars in the burning sun
Thunder roars in the burning sun
Thunder roars in the burning sun

And my love she is a native girl, she comes to me each day with na'er a sound
She is named for the great grey kangaroo, soft dark eyes Patyegorang


And she speaks to me in her native tongue, the voice of the rain, the sun and the land
She has taught me of 'putuwa' which means, with a warm hand to squeeze the hand of a friend

Tienmilye bunin - I am come from play
Warran jian ora - I am in Sydney Cove
Metcoarsemedyaminga - you winked at me
Tapparabar bowarayou - I shall not become white
Matiga baigun naigaba - We shall sleep separately
Berewalgal - the name of the white man
Wanadyu inea - I don't desire your company
Minyn gulara eora - why are the black men angry

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