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Almost all the words in this song come from Bennelong’s own writing in a letter to Lord Phillips, whom he befriended on his visit to England.

© 2005 - Words and music by Ben Scott. Lyrics adapted from a letter by Bennelong

I am very well, hope you are well
I live at the Governor’s and every day have dinner there
I have not my wife, one of my people took her away
He speared me in the back but I am better now
And I am home now, not me go to England no more
I am home now, I will not leave my native shore

I hope Mrs Phillips is very well
You nurse me madam when I was ill
You are very good madam, thank you madam
I hope you remember me madam and not forget
Madam I want stockings, thank you madam
And Sir you give my duty to Lord Sydney
Sir send me you please some handkerchiefs for my pockets
Please Sir won’t you send me some shoes two pairs if you please
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