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The Sydney Cove Project (2005)

bsc001_Can be purchased digitally from BandcampiTunesGoogle Play or streamed on spotify.  Also available in hard copy from Trad and Now.  Use the player below to preview.



– “It is always a wonderful experience to discover new music that immediately excites you. When that excitement continues to grow with each new listen, then you know you have found something really special. This is indeed the case with Ben Scott’s recent CD Sydney Cove Project.” – Jim Low, Folk Australia

– “For the folk historian this is an essential work your collection cannot do without. For the music enthusiast, there is plenty to hold your interest from the first to the last bar.” – Ian Paulin,

– “Having studied a bit of Australian history I enjoyed it immensely. I loved the openness, clarity and honesty of the performance. The way the stories are told in a very warm open, clear style makes for easy yet compulsive listening.” – Margaret Bradford, Sutherland Folk Club

– “Ben Scott’s original songs are opening up a way of looking at the relationship between Aboriginal and early settler that only a small number of of academic historians were previously aware of” – “they offer a fresh and interesting perspective on the nature of race relations in the early settlement.” – Dr Paddy Cavanagh – Coordinator – B.Ed (SIS) Program, Australian Catholic University

– “I found the songs very poignant and moving”, “a very impressive body of work” – Margaret Fagan

– “Ben Scott sings in an easy to listen to style, but with feeling, and with an excellent guitar accompaniment. He is a musician trained in a number of instruments, and has a deep, musical cultural background” – Denis Kevans, Australias Poet Lorikeet


Lyrics Pages

1. Black and White Ball
2. Patyegorang
3. Without You I Cannot Live
4. A Child For A Hat
5. Alicia
6. Where’s Rose Hill, Where?
7. Scrabbling in the Dirt
8. Whisper The Rebel Songs
9. Bennelong
10. Sandstone and Saltwater
11. Pemulwy


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