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Edgar Percival’s Dog

Words and Music by Ben Scott (c) 2016

In ’23 while barnstorming out west as I loved to do
I stumbled upon a dog named Mick and we formed a two man crew
He’d run up the fuselage and into his seat when we readied to take wing
And he let the world know that plane was his in the way only male dogs can

When your seat sails away from you
And you’re free falling into the fog
Just cling to the rope by the skin of your teeth
Like Edgar Percival’s dog

When flying down from Armidale to the coast way up in the sky
I saw they’d marked the landing field with a sheet borrowed from nearby
It was such a long way down so I did some lazy loops for fun
But on the third loop chanced to look behind to find…. that Mick was gone

This caused some consternation when Mick’s predicament was known
He was tied to the plane by a piece of rope maybe 30 feet or so
And every loop I did he’d traced a graceful arc in the sky
His four feet paddling manically and a grim look in his eye


To bring my friend down safe and sound only one thought came to mind
Which was to throttle down, climb in the back and heave upon the line
But when Mick appeared and I hauled him in our relief did not last long
Cause the plane now had two passengers but pilots it had none


Well it’s well known weight in the back end will cause a plane to stall
Which means it slows to a standstill, followed by a rapid fall
But I clambered forward and wrestled her up to land on an old race ground
Where Mick jumped off and ran a joyful lap and peed on every tree he found


  1. cocksy permalink

    How did you hit on song about Edgar and Mick? He was my uncle!! No, not Mick! Kindest regards

  2. Ben permalink

    That’s great! I sent you an email about it but to cut a long story short I listened to Edgar’s oral history on the National Library of Australia web site. session 3

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